Winter Workshops 2016

Our selection of Spring Workshops offer a wide range of activities for people of all ages. If there is a class size given, you will need to register beforehand to reserve your spot. Reservations can be made by calling us (519-271-3090). If a price for a class is specified, it must be paid before the reservation can be made. Classes can be paid for over the phone with Mastercard or Visa.


We are happy to arrange custom demonstration or educational seminars at if you gather a group of at least 5 people from your club or society.

Let us know the topic you’d be interested in and we’d be happy to arrange a private session for your group at your convenience! Otherwise, please visit often to see scheduled workshops, demonstrations and classes pertaining to horticulture, gardening and floral design.



Fairy Garden Workshop

Description: Build your own fairy garden, a whimsical miniature garden for its fairy residents. Includes instruction on basic construction and how to care for the vegetation. Maintenance pamphlets will be provided. Great for people of all ages. Extra fairy garden materials will be offered at 10% off.



Cost: $40 per container

Class Size: 10 People

Classes Available:


Saturday November 12th @ 11AM

Saturday November 26th @ 2PM

Tree Decorating Seminar

Description: Learn from our designers how they set up and decorate our trees within the store. From Fluffing and maintenance, to adding the balls and picks, let your tree be the ultimate Holiday Craft this year.


Cost: Free

Class Size: N/A

Classes Available:


Saturday November 5th @ 11AM



Wreath Making Seminar

Description: Wreaths are easy to construct and give you countless options for decorating your home, inside and out. Come see our many selections of pre-made wreaths, and let our designers inspire you to create your own.


Cost: Free

Class Size: N/A

Classes Available:


Saturday November 5th @ 2PM




Door Swag Workshop

Description: Much like a wreath, a door swag is a great way to show your creative side. Easy to make, and festive with fresh greens, you can either hang it on the door itself or above the door frame. Our designers will go over the process of making them, and the different styles available. Take home your own creation!



Cost: $40 per swag

Class Size: 10

Classes Available:


Saturday November 12th @ 2PM

Saturday November 19th @ 12:30AM






Glitterbox Seminar

Description: A new an interesting craft good for decorating around your home, or as a gift to another. All are welcome to join this demonstration, and feel free to make your own afterwards with help from our instructors.


Cost: Free

Class Size: 10

Classes Available:


Saturday November 26th @ 11AM


Birch Pole Workshop

Description: Join this easy workshop on how to create your own Birch Pole creations. From Stars to Reindeer, get inventive with this quick and easy workshop


Cost: $30

Class Size: 8

Classes Available:


Saturday November 19th @ 2PM

Porch Pot Workshop

Description: Porch Pots are an easy way to make the front of your home festive with a natural touch. Our professionals do 100s of Porch Pots up each year, and want to show you how fun and easy it can be. Materials provided include Cedar Branching, Pine Branching, Dogwood Branching, 1 pack of Second Nature Branching, and a pot insert with soil. Guests may add and switch out materials that they wish to use.


Cost: $50

Class Size: 10

Classes Available:


Saturday November 12th @ 2pm
Saturday November 19th @ 11am
Seminars (demonstartions) will also be availble during our Ladies Nights.






Workshops Updated: April 2nd 2016